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Voiture 45 Minneapolis Minnesota

Our Purpose

Our Purpose
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Purpose of our organization.


La Societe des Quarante Hommes at Huit Chevaux is an independent fraternal organization of U. S. veterans, more commonly known as the Forty & Eight.
The Forty & Eight was formed in 1920 by American Legionnaires as an honor society and from its earliest days it has been committed to charitable aims.  Membership is open to all honorably discharged Veterans and current active duty military.  The Forty & Eight’s titles and symbols reflect its First World War origins.  American servicemen in France were transported to the battle front on narrow gauge French railroads (Chemin de Fer) inside boxcars (Voitures) that were half the size of American boxcars.  Each French boxcar was stenciled with a “40/8”, denoting its capacity to hold either forty men or eight horses.  This ignominious and uncomfortable mode of transportation was familiar to all who traveled from the coast to the trenches; a common small misery among American soldiers who thereafter found “40/8” a lighthearted symbol of the deeper service, sacrifice and unspoken horrors of war that truly bind those who have borne the battle.

Our Mission

Our mission is to further promote the interests of our organization and our members to the community. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach.

Our Goal

To be a place for members of the 5th District American Legion to be honored for their service.  We consist of members who want to be part of the history of the 5th District.  There is plenty of room for another Voiture in the 5th District to accomodate the broad spectrum of eligible candidates to the 40/8.  We are completely volunteer based, on our own dime. Any gratification is knowing you helped a vet today. If you wish to meet our members, come to the monthly 5th District American Legion meeting.